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Supply the information below in order to activate the 45-day Märk Lumber Warranty

    Warranty Guidelines

    By activating your Märk Lumber 45-day Warranty, your bat becomes eligible for replacement if it breaks within the bat usage guidelines (see below). In the case of a warranty-eligible bat that breaks, the client is invited to send an email to to briefly explain the incident and attach pictures of the broken bat. The pictures need to clearly show the break and, also, the serial number engraved on the barrel. Märk Lumber will then be able to review everything.

    The warranty is only applied on the bat initially purchased. The replacement bat is not covered by the warranty. Shipping charges for the replacement bat will be billed to the client (an e-invoice will be sent to the client’s email).

    Bat Usage Guidelines

    • Only bats bought online at or from an authorized dealer are covered by the Warranty. Certain conditions may apply.
    • Only Pro Limited Bats are covered by the Warranty.
    • The bat should not have been used to hit anything else than official leather baseballs.
    • A collapse cup that does not affect the performance of the bat does not qualify for a broken bat.
    • The bat should not have been misused or intentionally badly treated.
    • A bat that has been left in extreme heat and that has cracked is not covered by the Warranty. Bats should be kept in controlled environment.
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