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A lot of people know the ink dot test exist.  But a lot of them don’t actually understand what is the purpose of it.  The ink dot is there to show the quality of the grain.  There are two sides of the grain on a log: radial and tangential.  The radial grain is the one that is obvious to the eye thanks to the lines going along the length of the bat.  But the tangential grain is tougher to see.  By dropping a drop of ink on that grain at the 12 inch mark (+/- 2 inch), the ink will bleed and reveal its straightness.  Both sides of the grain need to present a variation of less than 3 degree versus the center-axis of the bat.  A crooked grain (over 3 degree variation) will make for a weaker bat.


There are two types of logs used in billet (raw piece before its turned into a bat) manufacturing.  Split logs and sawn logs.  WE ONLY USE SPLIT LOGS.  Sawing a log means you can saw through the natural grain of a log.  Yielding a high number of billets that present deflected grain (see ‘’ ink dot section’’).  Whereas using Split logs, all of your raw wood will remain structurally sound.  You can’t split across the grain, the wedges will follow it naturally.  In the end, that process is more expensive, but the durability of the bats that are made from split logs are unparalleled.

Is Märk Lumber certified for the Big Leagues?

Yes.  We have several players from the Big Leagues and Minor Leagues swinging our bats.  Using their names here for our Marketing purposes is against our nature, however, follow our Instagram account and you will see their bats go by! 

Do you offer a Warranty of bats?

Yes, we offer a 30-day Warranty on all Pro Limited Bats bought online at or from an authorized dealer.  You can find all the information at the following link: 

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